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Puggle News

It's a Constant Battle.

So What's Been Happening?

Swooping Birds

There has been some discussion amongst wildlife carers as well as people affected by swooping birds. There is a general intolerance of swooping birds by many members of the public. There have been some injuries to children, though not widespread, from birds that swoop to protect their seasonal residence in which they have settled their family. Putting ourselves in the place of a bird with a family to protect, we would react much the same.
If there was danger nearby we would protect our house and family from that danger by frightening it away if we could.

If we empathise with the birds who are protecting their families, and they have good reason not to trust human beings, just read the papers, we will become more tolerant and understanding. We just have to think about it.

Apparently it's only the male magpie that swoops, but there have also been reports of butcher birds swooping people, and it's assumed that only the male butcher bird swoops anything that comes too close to their nest. More information here:

Swooping Birds

Take Care Checking

Wildlife On The Roads

When checking animals that have been killed on the road for pouch young. Please ensure that you can park your car well and truly off the road, and also ensure your hazard lights are on and flashing. Park, if possible, in such a way that you are protected by your parked car as you check the pouch.

Remove the animal off the road or far enough off the road that you have your car between you and the traffic coming on your side of the road and be aware of traffic coming your way from both directions.

If the place where the animal is situated is particularly precarious and you have to leave your car further away and walk back to the animal. Still have your hazard lights flashing and be even more aware of traffic. Our wildlife are precious, and the people who check wildlife who have been killed on the road for pouch young, are as well.

Do We NEED a National Environment Commission

My Word We DO!