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East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Inc..
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The very best way to help wildlife, is to check the pouches of any dead animals on the road to see if there might be a baby alive and waiting to be rescued. If so - phone a monitored wildlife rescue service and have them pick up the baby, even if you cannot remove it from the pouch. Don't force it off the teat. Call a local wildlife shelter or carer.

For those who would like to help the wildlife of East Gippsland there is an easy way to assist the carers do their voluntary work. That is to donate even a small amount of money towards the East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Inc..

There are many ways that money can be donated so the work of helping wildlife and saving our precious wildlife can continue and possibly stop the extinction of these that are still able to be seen when walking in the forested areas of the country.

Making arrangements with your bank to deposit a small amount every month into the EGWR Inc., bank account or by making a donation when money is more plentiful.

Make your council aware of the fact that you want wildlife protection taken into consideration. Before any planning permissions are bestowed. A wildlife population number and species identification survey is undertaken and made public.

Write, ring and speak personally to your local politician making it known, the protection of native animals of your area is important and of interest to you. Emphasise their well being and habitat preservation is of high priority.

Write or ring the Victorian premier and make it clear the first priority of any legislation must be the protection and conservation of wildlife habitat in this state, considered first in all development decisions.

Remember, the future that our children will inherit we hold in our hands now.

Sponsoring a species or a particular animal can be arranged through the East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Inc..

It's one way that children can develop an interest in the animals that are as much a part of Australia as the soil found on its surface. The animals go deeper in some instances and are no less important than the soil they helped to create and keep fertile.

Speak up for, and be courageous for our wildlife.