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East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Inc..
Bendigo Bank BSB: 633000
Account Number: 163552839


Donate: East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Inc..
Bendigo Bank BSB: 633000
Account Number: 163552839

It's a hard world with climate change creating difficulties for us all. Wildlife carers are feeling the strain on themselves as well as the animals they care for and rehabilitate. Habitat loss, due to fire and increased human habitation is a huge burden on wildlife. Misadventure on roads and dispossession through weather events like fire and flood is not only putting our wildlife under stress, but killing our unique fauna.

The East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators assists wildlife not only in East Gippsland and, not only in Victoria, but Australia wide. Money raised by the members helps wildlife carers wherever help, financial, knowledge and emotional support is required. As a not for profit organisation, without paid personnel it is in an ideal situation to offer assistance to its members and other wildlife carers where there is need.

Wildlife caring is not an easy ride when things are going well, sleep deprivation, juggling the normal household and family duties and the wildlife responsibilities, feeding, medication and rescue. The pressures are increased to almost breaking point when animals are sick or die and there is a wildlife destroying event like fire or flood.

When a fire doesn't impact on population centres or outposts it is no less disastrous, because it always impacts on wildlife, in every instance. Habitat and food sources are lost and many species of wildlife that are unable to move out of the path of the fire are burnt. Most burn to death, but many badly burnt. Wildlife carers and rescuers are not permitted to enter the fire ground till it's declared safe by the appropriate authority, and that wait can mean even more animals who perish, who might otherwise have been saved had they been permitted to look for injured and/or orphaned wildlife earlier.

There is much done by wildlife groups and individual carers and vets to save wildlife but this is almost cancelled out by the number of animals that can't be found, and those whose burns are so bad that they have to be euthansed to give surcease to their suffering.

For wildlife carers and rescuers, the fire ground becomes a weeping wasteland, and there is a huge weight placed upon their heart. Every fire event is a holocaust.

Donation of money to the East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators will help to save more animals. Mainly because some carers find it difficult to afford the supplementary feed and medicines required to treat more animals. Giving up a greater amount of time is never measured. Some vets are generous with discounts or donation of medicines and medical aids, but they cannot be expected to carry all the financial burden for these animals to whom carers administer. Government at every level pay lip service to the importance of wildlife and yet pay virtually nothing at all toward the huge cost of caring for them.

There are no wildlife carers who won't almost impoverish themselves for their charges, so this is not begging for donations, but if you feel you may be able to help, it will be much appreciated.

The bank account of the East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Inc., is: Westpac Bank Account: 033 203 318984
For the animals that your grandchildren and their children will enjoy being surprised when spied in the forests, deserts and open landscapes round the country,

We thank you.