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East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Inc..
Bendigo Bank BSB: 633000
Account Number: 163552839

Donate: East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Inc..
Bendigo Bank BSB: 633000
Account Number: 163552839

Thank You

Thank you to those people who are still donating to the East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Inc.. Your kind and generous donations are ongoing help for our wildlife, and we we are grateful. Thank you.

March 2020

Thank you to WIRES for confirmation of support to members of East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Inc.
  • Support by assisting with drought proofing the properties of wildlife carers/shelters who rely solely on rain for their water supply.

  • Support of enclosures, aviaries and facilities that will help wildlife carers/shelters to better care for and increase capacity to support, rescue and succour of orphan and injured wildlife of East Gippsland.

  • Support the purchase of formula and supplementary feed for wildlife in the forests and in care after the fires.
Thank you from all the members of East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Inc.. To the girls of Year One and their teacher of Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak. For their kind wishes and wonderful coloured in pictures of Australia's precious wildlife.

January 2020

To all the wonderful, caring people who donated money, goods and services to help our wildlife. Thank you.

Wildlife numbers of all species have been declining in Victoria, more rapidly in recent years. Extinction is not that far away from native wildlife species that we Victorians have always considered plentiful, though many people saw little of them. Now there are even less to see and enjoy.

One can only imagine the pain and suffering that these, wildlife who are ours to protect, through government agencies, endured before they perished. Now there is another raft of problems, food and water for those who have survived. The burnt and injured can be cared for but the ones who have survived, though not unscathed, are just as important and must be assisted wherever and however possible.

We must not lose any more. With that in mind the Victorian government must declare an immediate halt to shooting kangaroos for meat. It would be obscene to allow this slaughter to continue.

The members of our group are already planning for what we will do using the many initiatives that people have come up with in our vast area, of the state, East Gippsland.

So thank you all once again. Our wildlife need and deserve champions, and you have proven that you are just that.

Thank you for your help.

It's a hard world with climate change creating difficulties for us all. Wildlife carers are feeling the strain on themselves as well as the animals they care for and rehabilitate. Habitat loss, due to wild fire, fuel reduction burns and increased human habitation is a huge burden on wildlife. Misadventure on roads and dispossession through weather events like fire and flood is not only putting our wildlife under stress, but killing our unique fauna.

The East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators members assist wildlife and carers, not only in East Gippsland and, not only in Victoria, but Australia wide. Money raised by the members helps wildlife carers wherever help, financial, knowledge and emotional support is required. As a not for profit organisation, without paid personnel it is in an ideal situation to offer assistance to its members and other wildlife carers where there is need.

Wildlife caring is not an easy ride when things are going well, sleep deprivation, juggling the normal household and family and wildlife responsibilities. Feeding, medication and care of general well being for both, and rescue for the latter, and sometimes for the former. The pressures are increased to almost breaking point when animals and family are sick or die. Accentuated when and there is a wildlife destroying event like fire or flood.

When a fire doesn't impact on population centres or outposts it is no less disastrous, because it always impacts on wildlife, in every instance.

Habitat and food sources are lost and many species of wildlife that are unable to move out of the path of the fire are burnt to death. If not, many are badly injured.

Wildlife carers and rescuers are not permitted to enter the fire ground till it's declared safe by the appropriate authority, even though others get permission to enter these areas. That wait can mean even more animals who perish, who might otherwise have been saved had those qualified been permitted to look for injured and/or orphaned wildlife earlier.

There is much done by wildlife groups and individual carers and vets to save wildlife but this is almost cancelled out by the number of animals that are not found in time, who could be saved. Euthanising those that cannot be helped, to give surcease to their suffering.

For wildlife carers and rescuers, the fire ground becomes a weeping wasteland, and there is a huge weight placed upon their heart. Every fire event is a holocaust.

In the 2019/20 wildfires, wildlife carers and shelter personnel were forbidden to enter burnt forests under the pretext of the danger that existed. Yet others whose service was debatable to be more essential, were permitted entry.

Under instruction from DELWP, many species of wildlife were destroyed by people who were supposed to have skill in shooting, but did not know anything about wildlife. One of the consequences of this, were wombats that appeared to be burnt were shot, even though they were ambulant; obviously having left their burrows and in some cases, babies, to feed. Days later, their babies who had been waiting in burrows for their mothers return so they could suckle, we found wandering in the burnt area and boundaries. Sadly not all were found, or found in time, by wildlife carer rescuers.

Donation of money to the East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators will help to save more animals. Mainly because some carers find it difficult to afford the supplementary feed and medicines required to treat more animals. Time given to the task is never measured. Some vets are generous with discounts for consultation fees, charging only for medicines and medical aids. Wildlife carers carry that financial burden.

Government at every level pay lip service to the importance of wildlife and yet pay virtually nothing toward the huge cost of caring for these that the Victorian public in this instance, expects them to care for and consider them in all legislation.

There are no wildlife carers who won't almost impoverish themselves for their charges, so this is not begging for donations, but if you feel you may be able to help, it will be much appreciated.

The bank account of the East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Inc., is: Bendigo Bank - BSB: 63000 - Account: 163552839
For the animals that your grandchildren and their children will enjoy being surprised when spied in the forests, deserts and open landscapes round the country.

We thank you.