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East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Inc..
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Just about every area in East Gippsland has a wildlife carer or shelter that will service that area.
Look at the details of the shelters and wildlife carers:

The Snug Wildlife Shelter - 38 McPhies Road - Cassilis - via Omeo 3898 - Victoria
Phone 03 51594460

Membership of East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Incorporated

Membership of East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Incorporated is open to anyone subject to approval by the EGWR Inc., Committee. The application form can be downloaded from: membership renewal or can be obtained from a member of the committee to which the form, with details completed and membership fee can be returned, or handed back to any committee member.

Please note, meetings of the committee are generally every three months, so it may take that long for the committee to get back to the applicant. There is no obligation for the committee to inform the applicant of the reason for refusal; if that should be the case, and if refusal is the outcome, money accompanying the form will be returned to the unsuccessful applicant.

It is now required that candidates for membership must meet the members, preferably at a meeting, for everyone to learn a little about each other: before the committee deliberates and votes. Meeting the members is also a good idea, before any decisions are made or forms handed to a committee member or sent to the appropriate address. by the applicant. This allows some idea if our members are simpatico to that person and vice versa. This simplifies the East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators members working together in a harmonious and synergistic way with wildlife.

Download Membership Application Form

For membership renewal the form can be downloaded here:

Download Membership Renewal Form