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Flying Fox Hanging, 
Caught in Barbed Wire

East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Incorporated is a not for profit organisation of members who are engaged in saving orphaned and injured wildlife.

Living and working in all corners of East Gippsland, our members cover large areas of that area and do this without financial support from any government agency, all of which consider wildlife, the heritage of every Australian citizen, a very low priority. Our wildlife are the descendants of the original denizens who populated this region long before white settlers.

The task of caring for wildlife is not trivial. In the short term, it makes a difference to hundreds of individual animals each year. In the long term it may help to save a species and this is no small thing.This is what we do As the habitat of the native animals is decreasing due to logging, subdivision and roadways, the task becomes more important. Our members care about wildlife, their habitat and make a difference when and where they can.

On this site can be found interesting facts about the wildlife of East Gippsland. There will be photographs of individuals and species and if you are not be amazed, it's certain you will be engaged. Finding pretty wonderful, these who have shared and share their land and living space with we humans, oft times forced out of whole areas by large numbers of us, our contrivances and structures.

You will, hopefully, think about and come to wonder why people have destroyed so many of these individuals and species over the short time settlers from other lands have occupied this country. We hope you may wonder and wish to give back some of the space humans usurped from them. Learn to live once again in a haven to some of these creatures, make an effort to understand them and enjoy their company round your home and in your garden without or with minimal disturbance to their way of life. That is also what we are about.

Don't interfere with them.

Leave them alone. Observe and know just how lucky you are to have them so close and know them as another Australian citizen interesting and important a necessary addition, enriching your life by just being there.