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The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality.

--"Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher"

If you are here, you obviously have some interest in wildlife or East Gippsland or both. It's not possible to exclude one from the other. The wildlife in East Gippsland make the area unique, and they are the surprise and amazement part of the East Gippsland experience.

Part of that experience is the flora which is the habitat and backdrop of the wildlife that only survives because of it. However, it is this the DELWP are attempting to destroy with spurious reasons being cited as "fuel Reduction burns" or even more dubious "environmental burns". These are desrtructive methods used as wildlife cleansing. The reason being that wildlife are in the way of the Victorian government. Wildlife were previously well protected by Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, However more recent federal governments have amended and thereby eroded these laws so they hardly protect anything, except the destruction of wildlife habitat.

East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Incorporated is a Not For Profit organisation of members who are engaged in all things that will preserve wildlife in the forested areas remaining in Victoria and rescuing and saving orphaned and injured wildlife. Committed to cannvassing government and the general public to consider wildlife habitat before cutting down the Australian flora which is what allows them to survive, and if sufficient is preserved and more planted, actually have them thrive. Al;so educate the government and general public to prevent causes of injury and death to all species of wildlife in general and those of East Gippsland in particular. Science has in the past not worked in these areas, and is in fact to blame for many of the successful destructive techniques, machinery and education that is responsible for destroying habitat and wildlife by proxy.

Living and working in all corners of East Gippsland and beyond. Our members cover large areas of this and other regions, committing their financial resources and time to keeping our wildlife genetically viable. This without financial support from any government agency, using their own money and relying on donations from some who are willing to help financially, because they are unable to help wildlife in any other way. But wish to be a part of saving what is unique to Australia. Every tier of government in Australia, if they consider wildlife thee heritage of every citizen at all, as of very low priority. It is the people who must show the politicians that they believe wildlife is important of major consideration and conservation.

All legislation should be run through a wildlife filter, to ensure that maximum protection is bestowed upon this precious foundation of our country. Our wildlife are the descendants of the original denizens who, by populating this landscape, actually helped to shape it. Long before white settlers coveted, and proceeded to destroy it. Because they did not understand it, before dispossessing and killing all who had made it valuable to them. Thereby destroying the evolutionary balance and maintenance with the maintainers of the land.

Humans, as inhabitants of this planet, must respect all other living, sentient and living elements of the planet. We must acknowledge the Rights of Nature which is in part what our organisation teaches from hands on experience. By looking beyond the orphaned and injured wildlife, to the habitat they need into which they can be again released and thrive, to maintaining or returning cleanliness to water and air so they and we may persevere. East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators Inc., support the idea of Earth Jurisprudence, and where we can engage in its adoption and legislation by citizens, government and industry.

The task of caring for wildlife is not trivial. In the short term, it makes a difference to thousands of individual animals each year. In the long term it may help to save a species, by maintaining a larger gene base, and this is no small thing.This is also what we do As the habitat of the native animals is decreasing due to logging, subdivision, new and wider road systems used by careless traffic that kill our wildlife. The task becomes more difficult and creates more death and injury which creates more wildlife that need the attention of wildlife carers who are declining in number. For this reason that we must look more toward ensuring the Rights of Nature become part of, and again recognised as the very lore of life by which we must all live, not only the law of our species. To ensure survival of all species, which, if successful will enhance the survival for our own.

On this site can be found interesting facts about the wildlife of East Gippsland. These wonderful creatures who have and do share their land and living space with us all. Who are oft times forced out of huge areas of what is theirs by thousands of years of natural rights, by large numbers of humans, our contrivances, structures mostly driven by greed.

You, the reader, will hopefully, think about and come to wonder why people have destroyed so many of these individuals and species over the short time settlers from other lands have occupied this country. We hope your wondering may cause you to fight for at least maintaining habitat, and returning and/or sharing some parts of the vast tracts of land, humans usurped from our wildlife. Take time to learn to live in harmony with some of these who are much like us in different form. Make an effort to understand and enjoy their company round your home and in your garden, without, or with minimal disturbance to their way of life. That is very important as our population increases.

Our wildlife needs champions, even if they can not become wildlife carers. Don't interfere with wildlife going about their business, they will do just that and leave you richer for the experience.

Leave them alone. Observe and know just how lucky you are to have them so close and know them as another Australian citizen interesting and important a necessary element, enriching your life by just being there.

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