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The wildlife of East Gippsland is no more precious than native animals in any part of Australia. However, these are special species to our area, and many are endangered and some have already been lost, that we may have never become aware of them, and then they were gone. We are told and have known for many decades that genetic diversity is important. Biodiversity is important and this has been known for the same period, yet more species are under threat.

Individuals, in sufficient number, are the reservoir of genetic diversity that is required to maintain a species. Each species must have sufficient numbers to contain a gene pool that will prevent inbreeding. The East Gippsland Wildlife Rehabilitators members are caring for many of these individuals, and they may yet have the genes that are required to keep a species viable.

AmberAll residents of Australia have a responsibility to ourselves, our children and the children of their future and to the wildlife of our area. To ensure that The latter will be seen and enjoyed by every generation of the former. We have no idea or crystal ball that will show us how we will be judged by future generations if our wildlife are lost, or depleted that they can not be saved by the generation that wants their children to experience the pleasure of seeing and knowing them. Our generation will not be much more than wastrels if we allow species of wildlife to be lost due to apathy, gullibility and not making the state and Australian governments to account.

Our role is to pursue and persuade governments to create habitat and protection of it, and the wildlife it serves, to maintain these places so we may see our wildlife in the state they have always lived and thrill out children with the sight. To scent the eucalyptus forest, hear the song of many different birds and their mimickers and espy the movement of a precious and treasured animal, alive and well. Knowing it can only be found in it's natural habitat in Australia.

To teach our children the importance of wildlife and habitat conservation is critical, cannot be overstated and must be part of our children's in school and at home education. We will not be able to reach all adults or children, of our area, of the country, but our task, though it is a challenge is to attempt just that.

Already our world has been depleted of huge numbers of individual animals. Hundreds of thousands in fact. There is no certainty about the amount of species we have lost, because not all species were recorded. So we have no real idea what has already disappeared. When the first booted foot stepped onto this land, it was teeming with animals that were a marvel, looked at with jaw dropping amazement by those in the boots who sought new land and new experiences. The sadness is, the animals of Australia were not seen as treasures even now, but just another crop to be harvested and exploited.

Even now many species of wildlife are seen as nothing but pests by farmers unable to view the bigger picture, who don't know enough or want to know much about our wildlife. The land farmed is often disadvantaged because wildlife has been culled, and the cost is buying more fertiliser. The government, both federal and state, which are supposed to protect our wildlife allows farmers to kill our native animals. Yet if someone shoots a stray sheep or bull, they will be prosecuted by the heavy, uneven hand of the law. That which has a monetary rather than intrinsic value and belongs to an individual must be protected, and that which belongs to us all has no status no monetary value unless killed, and so is not protected.

DigbyThe members of the EGWR Inc., challenge all people to be part of the solution that will make it possible for our wildlife to thrive. To help us not only rescue wildlife, but get involved and ask the various tiers of government what they are doing for wildlife. To help ensure that we see the joy on the faces of our grandchildren at their first sight of a wombat, kangaroo, wallaby or goanna. We are the generation that can make a real difference, a real contribution and save the animals of our land for our grandchildren.

Thank you for visiting this site and thank you for considering a commitment to help as you are able and as you can. "I Want to Help"

These pages are just like caring for wildlife, a work in progress, and like evolution, constantly changing. So please visit again when time permits. You are always welcome.